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Sign on to our open Letter to State Legislatures: You cannot remove the prosecutorial power of our elected DAs.

Read and sign on to our urgent open letter to state legislatures across the country:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has suspended Tampa’s State Attorney Andrew Warren, because he has stated that he would not use the resources of his office to prosecute women seeking abortions, the doctors that provide them, and also doctors who provide gender affirming care to transgender people.

This action by DeSantis takes away Warren’s prosecutorial power and also silences Hillsborough County voters who have twice voted to elect Warren.

Let’s be clear: The role of District Attorneys is to pursue justice, and promote the safety and well-being of our communities

Warren is well within his rights as an elected prosecutor to focus on violent crime and other serious offenses instead of prosecuting doctors and women who are making deeply personal health care decisions. Prosecutorial discretion is absolutely essential to the work of local prosecutors and cannot be stripped away by overzealous state officials.

Together we are sending a message to not only Governor DeSantis, but every state legislature in America: District Attorneys and other local prosecutors are elected by the people, and you cannot strip their prosecutorial power. 

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